• Are you a psychologist, social worker, nurse, adjustment counselor, case manager or therapeutic mentor? The work you do everyday in our schools and communities is extremely important.

  • Millions of people are impacted by the effects of poverty, violence, systemic racism and oppression daily.

  • Please tell us about the work you do or have done in the past with at risk children, youth/young adults in your hospital settings, residential homes, schools or communities.

  • Share with us some of your research, observations, learned wisdoms, best practices, or experiential learnings. We look forward to hearing from you. Your voice is a powerful tool. Please share often.

Reflect on questions: 1, 2, 3 or all.

1. Do you believe more male presence is needed in the field of social work? Where do you think more male presence is needed?

2. What type is disparities or social justice issues are disrupting the community you live in or work in and support?

3. What type of interventions are being used, or are needed in your community/setting to create positive outcomes/ or transformation?

The Freedom House Project:

Our music and performing arts workshops explore beat making, storytelling, lyric writing and collaborating and recording music. The workshop also highlights the transformative benefits of music on the cognitive development of children and youth.

Our mission is to help children and youth overcome unfortunate public health disparities such as extreme poverty, violence, and illness through music and performing arts programing. Together we can build resilience and wellbeing in our children and youth.

Donate: Time, Money or Music Equipment.

We are artists, activists, educators and musicians who volunteer time to educate low-income communities about the transformative benefits of music on cognitive development. We receive financial support from the public in several different ways.

Freedom House Records donates 100% of it's profits from the sale of specified, music CD’s, fundraising t- shirts, artist performances and other merchandise to the Freedom House Project.

The public also provides funds via donations as well as charitable community engagements conducted by Freedom House Records throughout greater Boston and surrounding cities.

Support Liberation Apparel:

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