III Kings is live rhythmic experience combining hip-hop and reggae with a heavy world music influence. III Kings music carries a message of unity & spiritual awakening. Through their music III Kings express their desire to create unique and positive messages that impact the world.  Their combination of soulful and socially responsible lyrics creates a unique sound that can be felt by listeners of all walks of life. 


The III Kings consist of Michael Henry Jr (vocals), Benjamin Wright (bass), Joshua Melvin (vocals), Michael Hermans (guitar), Amadeu Tolentino aka Madu (vocals), Cannon Dwesse (drums), and Luis Blanco (percussion).  Together, this ensemble of musicians continues to inspire other musicians, artists, poets and activists to express themselves by socially and consciously reflecting life.


Recorded & Mixed at Waltz Studios Boston, MA


Label: Common Reason Production

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap/Reggae

Release:  2001

2001 EP III KINGS: Original Healing Music Sound.