Mikey Henry Jr surfaces from Boston’s underground music scene to release a highly anticipated EP “EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL”. Mikey Henry Jr is a artist, activist, educator and musician. The music is a combination of world rhythms, reggae with a  heavy hip hop influence. Backed by the city of champions most progressive artists and musicians, Mikey Henry Jr stimulates your soul and empowers your mind to imagine a politically conscious world where equal rights are a basic necessity for all human beings. We the people will stand for injustice in any form. We will not be complacent and sit still and watch others be denied their civil rights. We need safe inclusive schools, affordable housing, clean air and water, equal pay for men and women, and transformative communities for all.

Performances by: 

Mikey Henry Jr - Public Speaker 
Michael Hermans - Guitar 
Glen Canceleire - Bass 
Ted McCrary - Drums 
Quinn Carson - Trombone 
Ryan Stanbury - Trumpet 
Lomar Brown - Saxaphone


Engineered & Mixed by:  Nathan Bice at New Alliance Studio Boston, MA 
Mastered by: David Gardner at Infrasonic Sound Sound by:
Album Art Work By: Thomas Lucerno aka Auks One 


Label: Freedom House Records

Genre: Worldbeat/Reggae/HipHop

Release: 2019

2019 EP Equal Rights For All.